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Centrado leading-edge transformer products are designed to optimize safety and produced to deliver a great power experience and solution − for factory, infrastructure, home industry, business and home electricity. Centrado transformers are produced with the most current machine and adopting advanced technologies to meet a high quality transformer. All of the centrado product ranges are produced using high quality copper with enamel isolated to deliver a great performance, reliability, durability and conformance to the user.

All of the centrado transformer product characteristics can be customized to meet the client specifications.

Distribution Transformer

Capacity:25 KVA up to 10.000 KVA
Phase:3 Ph / 1 Ph
Primary:20 KV
Secondary:400 V
distribution transformer
auto transformer

Auto Transformer

Capacity:1 KVA up to 1000 KVA
Phase:3 Ph / 1 Ph
Primary:400/231 – 380/220 – 220/127 – 200/115 V
Secondary:200/115 – 220/127 – 380/220 – 400/231 V
Type:Dry / Oil
auto transformer

Isolation Transformer

Capacity:1 KVA up to 1000 KVA
Phase:3 Ph / 1 Ph
Primary:400/231 – 380/220 – 220/127 – 200/115 V
Secondary:200/115 – 220/127 – 380/220 – 400/231 V
Type:Dry / Oil
isolation transformer
rectifier transformer

Rectifier Transformer

Capacity:500 Amp up to 10.000 Amp
Primary:220 / 380 V
Secondary:0 – 6V – 12V – 20V – 24V (DC)
Type:Fan / Oil
rectifier transformer

Starting Transformer

Capacity:3 HP up to 1500 HP
Primary:220 / 380 V
Secondary:0% – 50% - 65% - 80% - 100%
starting transformer


Centrado transformers are being adjusted to distributed voltage in Indonesia from 3 KV, 6 KV, 7 KV, 12 KV, 20 KV, 24 KV. The tap changer are at 2,5%, 5% and 10% are operated outside tank at unloaded condition. Centrado distribution transformer offers wide capacity range from 25 KVA up to 12.500 KVA.

At low voltage with unloaded condition, Centrado transformer are produced at 133V/231V (B1) and 231V/400V (B2) or can be combined with simultaneous running with nominal 75% loaded voltage on B1 and 100% on B2.

Centrado transformer can handle dielectric test at high voltage (50Hz) and the impulse voltage are according to IEC standard by using magnetic core that made from grain oriented silicon steel with V shape designed to decrease iron losses, copper losses and operation noise that also reduce the size of transformer.

Centrado transformer can hold on short circuit and well tested with routine test, induced test, standard IEC test and quality control that give Centrado transformer a new certification in ISO 9001 : 2001.

Vector Group

The three phase transformer windings can be connected several ways. Based on the windings’ connection, the vector group of the transformer is determined. The Determination of vector group of transformers is very important before connecting two or more transformers in parallel. If two transformers of different vector groups are connected in parallel then phase difference exist between the secondary of the transformers and large circulating current flows between the two transformers which is very detrimental.

Centrado transformers are generally designed with two type of Vector such as :
• 25 KVA - 160 KVA : Yzn
• 200 KVA - 10,000 KVA : Dyn

Transformer Vector Group

Terminal Construction

Coil at middle voltage are using great quality copper with enamel isolated and for the low voltage are using great quality copper foil. Middle Voltage tap are using elastimould synthetic resin or porcelain bushing and for the low voltage tap are using porcelain bushing or mould cooper.

Transformer Terminal Construction
Distribution Transformer Accessories

Distribution Transformer Accessories

Included accessories • High tension porcelain bushing • Low tension porcelain bushing • Manual of load tap changer • Thermometer pocket • Radiator • Oil level indicator • Pressure valve • Drain valve • Safety valve • Conservator • Earth terminal • Rollers • Hanger lugs

Optional accessories • DMCR • Dial thermometer • Elastimold • Cable Box • Pressure Relief Valve • Pressure Vacuum Gauge • Nitrogen Filling Valve

Distribution Transformer Accessories

Routine Test

• Ratio test • Insulation test • Iron Loses test • Impedance test • Resistance winding machine • Dielectric test 60 KV • Over voltage test 350 Hz

Transformer Routine Test


The Centrado transformer purchased is covered by a limited warranty program for a period of a one year, validity starting from the date of purchase.

*Not all included accessories are available on all models
*All products specifications, configurations, component, accessories availability are all subject to change without notice.

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